Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How the Village of Owen Brown was Named

I became curious recently as to how the Village of Owen Brown was named.  A quick search took me to the Wikipedia entry which had information on the naming of the neighborhoods, but nothing on the origin of "Owen Brown".  

A little more digging and I found this explanation on the site of the Owen Brown Community Association:

Owen Brown is named for a postmaster and store owner. Mr. Owen Brown operated a store on what is now the intersection of Route 108 and Manor Lane. The name was initially just a working title for the development, but the name stuck, according to a book by Missy Burke, Robin Emirch and Barbara Kellner, titled "Oh You Must Live Columbia! The origins of place names in Columbia, Maryland."

The only further information I could find is that Mr. Brown was the Postmaster of Elioak, a post office that was in operation until 1922. Perhaps I could look for a copy of the book mentioned above.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Overview of the Village of Owen Brown

I live in Owen Brown and love this part of Columbia.  Owen Brown offers a great location and some of the best attractions in Columbia.

My favorites:

Lake Elkhorn

Photo from ZOOPMON on Flickr

East Columbia Library

Photo via mlibrarianus on Flickr

Supreme Sport Club

Hopewell Pool

Some of the best attractions in Howard County available within minutes of your Owen Brown address.


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